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Let Girls Lead

Let Girls Lead is a foundation centered on mentorship and advocacy for girls’ real change. The foundation’s mission is to help girls in their adolescent phase and young women to rise up and acknowledge their ability to overcome the circumstances that they face, as well


In this life times are tough and so many people are out there looking for solutions. According to a study 50% of marriage end divorce, which is a little bit strange seeing how much knowledge is out there. It seems with more knowledge,we have less

Natural Skin Care & Homemade Beauty Tips

A healthy and beautiful complexion is not really rocket science, if natural skin care and homemade skin care tips are kept in mind. So, don’t break into sweat every time wondering how to get fair skin when you have a pesky pimple, see those ugly

Queen Asipha Pamela Miracle

What are your Names? Asipha Pamela Miracle How old are you? 20 year’s How many are you in your family? 3 What country to you dream of staying in and why? Canada, because it is a nice place to start a family and it is

Queen Columbus Faith Success

  What are your Names?  Columbus Faith Success How old are you? I am 19 years old How many are you in your family? We are five in the family, four girls and one boy What country to you dream of staying in and why?

Women in Leadership

  As the World enters a second year, coupled with a second wave of the covid-19, as governments and world leaders try to find a lasting solution to the pandemic, on one side, however on the hand, it has become ever more prudent to establish

Toxic Masculinity

From time in memorial, society has spoken one language that has been embedded in both the female and male child to the extent that correcting the mistakes of ages past seems to be a failed project. It is this failed… You must be logged in

Date My Body

Every girl on social media does seems to have that perfect 10 body that makes every man at one point or another fantasize about her. Whether or not it is for fun that the pictures are posted, it is not… You must be logged in