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Let Girls Lead

Let Girls Lead is a foundation centered on mentorship and advocacy for girls’ real change. The foundation’s mission is to help girls in their adolescent phase and young women to rise up and acknowledge their ability to overcome the circumstances that they face, as well


In this life times are tough and so many people are out there looking for solutions. According to a study 50% of marriage end divorce, which is a little bit strange seeing how much knowledge is out there. It seems with more knowledge,we have less

Date My Body

Every girl on social media does seems to have that perfect 10 body that makes every man at one point or another fantasize about her. Whether or not it is for fun that the pictures are posted, it is not… You must be logged in

The First Date

With each passing day the world is seeming evolving its pattern of communication. That has not in any means spared the relational aspect of human communication. It was a little over 20 years ago that writing letters to a loved one was the special norm

22 Ways to Look good Naked

A Quickie work out- squeeze in a Quickie work out a few hours before. A few push ups lunges and squats will get the blood pumping in your muscles and help you appear more toned for the next few hours!… You must be logged in

Sexual Objectification

For decades there has been a growing myth that men view women as objects of sex and nothing more while this may have been the line of thought for many, nothing could be further from the truth as, this in a way has made some

Single and Fabulous

Unpopular opinion: “don’t search for someone to complete you, search for someone to compliment you.” You may have wondered why that relationship with thee dream man you so much expected would make you happy and glow didn’t. Meanwhile that friend of yours that seems like

My Profession, My Passion

It’s a common to hear people say “chase your dreams” or “do what your heart is telling you”, but in most cases they use this to refer to love or life based decisions. Have you ever imagined applying it to business? Well, we take a