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Women in Leadership

  As the World enters a second year, coupled with a second wave of the covid-19, as governments and world leaders try to find a lasting solution to the pandemic, on one side, however on the hand, it has become ever more prudent to establish

The African Queen

The  continent  of  Africa  is  comprised  of  54 countries  and  over 3000  tribes  with  various  traditions  and  almost  similar  cultures ,  which  are  distinctly  separated  by  a few  norms  which are synonymous to each particular people group. It is what distinguishes the African culture from

Ruth Ginsburg

Every single day that passes by, we see women’s rights become more and more respected and recognized. Over time, we have seen exceptional women that have done wonders for the women’s rights promotion. One of such women is the noble Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This exceptional