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Health and Fitness for Women Entrepreneurs

James Brown & the Famous Flanes said in their song “this is a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl. Talk about being proud to be a woman Being a woman requires so much from multitasking to bravery and so many other things. It needs you to be able to put up a smile when you tired and sad. To be the pillar of the family when everyone else is down, to not only take care of your children but the community at large.

Now how about being a woman entrepreneur? As a woman entrepreneur your life becomes a whole lot busier than usual. This time not only are you running a home, but now you run a business as well that also needs your 100% input to be successful; Sometimes all these life roles and duties do strain and tire our body hence attacking our health and even our immune system.

As entrepreneurs we take our health for granted, we dedicate our time and energy to so many things in our life and forget the most important aspect HEALTH. Our personal and business life need us to be fit and healthy above everything else in order for these two aspects of our lives to be run smoothly, as the saying goes ‘your health is your wealth”.

I know for most of us the answer is I don’t have the time to work out” then do you have the time to be sick? Exactly! None of us will risk the time of being sick while we have tons of matters to attend to, so the solution here is taking care of our health. So its no longer a question of can you make time for your health, you just have to make time for your health.

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