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The African Queen

The  continent  of  Africa  is  comprised  of  54 countries  and  over 3000  tribes  with  various  traditions  and  almost  similar  cultures ,  which  are  distinctly  separated  by  a few  norms  which are synonymous to each particular people group. It is what distinguishes the African culture from other cultures.

It is no wonder that if one was to truly define the African culture It becomes virtually impossible to define it without making the African woman the central figure in it. The African woman is more than just a woman of color , o r one that is of African heritage, she is one with the intellectual capacity that nurtures and natures all who are around her. She is the woman that takes scare of a community, raises a community and establishes a community. It is the servery qualities that modernism , and the western cultures , deem the African woman as weak , and notable to be intellectually able to compete at the highest levels in society , but have instead tried to make the African woman seem she has been enslaved when in actuality she is the very definition of , “ it takes a community to raise a child ” .

Here are three defining qualities of an African woman

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