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The First Date

With each passing day the world is seeming evolving its pattern of communication.
That has not in any means spared the relational aspect of human communication.
It was a little over 20 years ago that writing letters to a loved one was the special norm of communication, but with the rise of the internet age that slowly went away as faster and more efficient means of communication emerged.

This was necessitated by the rise of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and
Whatsaap. Though this may seem to have taken full control of the social connectivity
world, it did not. All it did was lay a platform for what was to come next. At one point or another we have dreamt of that knighting gale that would in an instant make the entire world come to a standstill or that knight in shining armor that would come a lift us of our feet, but none has yet come. Then that moment when you feel content with what life has handed you, you then see a social post of your ach nemesis posting, “found my prince”, “just got engaged” or just plainly, “just Married”.

The agonizing despair, wondering why you have no one start to engulf your mind,
well that first step is always important and thankfully, the first contact has been made easier with, platforms that allow for people to get to meet. Whether or not it’s free, the opportunity to meet the right person has been made easy. Now the next move is on you, pick and choose get that right person. The strike a conversation, added that it will be a little weird being asked questions by a person that you have not seen, but trusting that you are talking to a person who is not out to kill you. Its at this point that the simplest of basics can be picked out, which will give a semblance as how the first date should be. Take in to consideration that is only the first step, the next is to make a good first impression meet. At this most if not all tend to over sell, the best is to be as real as possible, mind you, this is the person you are hoping to get serious with should everything turn out well. Set the mood and the make the date something that will be great

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