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Women in Leadership


As the World enters a second year, coupled with a second wave of the covid-19, as governments and world leaders try to find a lasting solution to the pandemic, on one side, however on the hand, it has become ever more prudent to establish the direction every individual has to take, more so not meekly but with an aggressive approach. It is on this back-bone that the women from across the world have decided to take a stance, and establish the direction that will be taken.

The prospect of having women in leadership is not one that is foreign in this day and age as they are a vast array of world leaders that are currently holding the highest offices. This from the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina and Prime Minster of Norway, Erna Solberg, to mention but a few. These are women that have proven over the course of their tenure in office, they can bring to the table, equal if not more that what men can do.

As the theme implies on a general and global platform, it is not a show of force, but a show of equal leadership opportunities, more so in this time that the world is looking for leaders that can bring a lasting solution to the table. This can only be done by removing the historic, cultural and social-economic prejudice that has befallen upon every woman and girl. The women and girl Childs place is not only in the Kitchen, but in every place that has a problem and needs a solution.

The theme however two sides to it, in as much as the global side to it  centered on the global view of things it also has a personal side to it. In order to achieve the equal status in leadership going forward, it means that women are responsible for their own actions, the words they utter, the decisions they make and also challenge the bias towards them.

As leaders are forged, and women take their rightful place in leadership roles, it is essential that they hold themselves to highest standards of accountability. Then does not always justify the cost, but the cost will always justify the end.

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